Surviving New Year's Fireworks

Surviving New Year's Fireworks
Brenda Mackenzie

Surviving New Year's Fireworks: Tips for a calm and comforting night for your pets

It's that time of year again when our nights are filled with the bangs, crackles and whistles of fireworks. A trying time for many pets and their guardians. The sight and sound of fireworks can leave our pets fearful and anxious. They may pant, shake, pace, drool or try to hide. Their breathing and heart rate can increase and they can struggle to settle or relax.

There are lots of options to help our pets through this time of year and make them feel more comfortable and able to cope.

Firstly, ensure they have a safe place to go to. Dogs often prefer a small den where they can feel safe and out of sight. A crate covered with a blanket to help muffle the sound and flashes, or a dark hiding place under a staircase or table can make them feel more secure and safe.

They may need something to chew or lick to help them soothe themselves, but if they are really stressed and unable to take food or treats, offer them options such as a likkimat with some meaty dog paste on it or a soft toy to hold or cuddle up with. Anxious dogs often drink more so make sure they have easy access to drinking water.

Pampered Pets can offer your pet calming supplements to help them such as Protexin Serenicare, CSJ Calm Down, Dorwest Skullcap and Valerian, Valerian compound, Pet Remedy, Adaptil products and calming collars. Some of these supplements need to be started a week or two in advance so now is the time to consider this.

We also need to remember to keep calm and confident ourselves to be able to re-assure our pets that they are safe.

At Pampered Pets and Highland Canine Coaching we recommend that if your dog is demonstrating fear or anxiety that you re-assure your pet that they are OK and safe using a light, soothing tone of voice and long slow strokes down their back or on their chest.

Try to make sure that they are as relaxed as possible before the fireworks start, by exercising early afternoon, both mentally and physically. Playing scent games out on their walk can help tire and relax them, then make sure they are indoors and safe with you.

Wishing you and your furry friends calm and comforting nights.

Warm regards,
The Pampered Pets and Highland Canine Coaching Team

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