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1-on-1 Training Sessions

Meet our dedicated trainers, Bren, Nina and Holly, who are ready to provide you and your dog with personalised training sessions.

Bren, Nina and Holly specialize in various training areas, including focus training, loose lead walking, recall commands, calming sessions, and customized training tailored to your and your dog's unique needs. These sessions are designed to strengthen the bond and communication between you and your beloved pet.

Get to know Bren, Nina and Holly, our experienced trainers, and embark on a journey to enhance your dog's skills and your connection.

Costs for these sessions depend on your choice of coach and start at £35 per hour. We offer discounted rates when booking four or more sessions in advance.

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Puppy Home Visits

Our puppy home visits are designed to assist with home training and ensure a smooth transition for your newest family member. Our experienced team will provide expert guidance to help your puppy adapt to their new environment.

1-on-1 Home Visits Cost £30 per hour, plus applicable travel costs.

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Nutritional Consultations

Meet Our Nutrition Experts: Connor and Natalie.

Connor, head of our nutrition department, and Natalie are here to guide you on your dog's dietary journey. Discover how the right diet can help maintain your pup's calm and focus while ensuring their overall health.

1-on-1 Nutritional Consultations:

  • Initial Consultation with Connor: £50 per hour (includes an individual nutritional plan)
  • Initial Consultation with Natalie: £35 per hour (includes an individual nutritional plan)
  • Follow-up Appointments with Connor: £40 per hour
  • Follow-up Appointments with Natalie: £25 per hour

Invest in your dog's well-being with personalized nutritional guidance from our experts.


  • "We left very happy customers"

    Have recently changed food for my dogs by taking advantage of their in-house canine nutritionist, Connor.

    He talked us through what we to expect and gave personalised plans for each dog. All our concerns were addressed and quashed and we left very happy customers.

    Under his advice we successfully swapped our 2 senior dogs and one puppy without any issues and all 3 dogs have taken to the new food without any complaints. I know exactly what is in the food as it was developed by both Connor and Bren and they are involved in every stage of production.

    Will definitely recommend Pampered pets to anyone that asks, friendly family business that actually cares about customers and their pets.

  • "Amazing customer service..."

    Amazing customer service, Connor spent an hour or so giving me guidance and help with all my puppy nutritional and training needs.

    So many options and choice. I will definitely be back.

  • "I came away much more confident"

    In today and luckily was able to have a conversation with Bren about my rescue dogs new behaviours. She gave me some invaluable advice to get on with whilst we wait on an appointment with her.

    I came away much more confident my dog will overcome this and be a much happier dog. Thanks so much.