The Highland Hounds Story

The understanding of nutritional needs for pets has greatly changed over the years. The Mackenzie family, being canine nutritionists, dreamed of developing their own brands, using the purest high-quality ingredients, offering the very best for our four legged friends.

What Makes our food different?

Let's Talk Facts

Why choose our premium pet food? Here's what sets us apart:

Gut Health Luxury: Our formula includes prebiotics to pamper your pet's digestive health. We believe in giving them nothing but the best.

Slow-Cooked Excellence: Our slow-cooking process is a masterpiece, maintaining flavours and nutrients at temperatures up to 40% cooler than our competitors. It's all about indulging your pet's taste buds.

Omega-3 Elegance: We've enriched our recipe with omega-3 fatty acids to elevate your pet's heart and brain health. It's the pinnacle of nutrition.

Opulent Meat Quality: Our high meat content boasts human-grade quality ingredients, because your pet deserves nothing less than pure luxury.


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Your Pooches Perfect Blend

Explore our trio of expertly developed dry food selections.


The Original Recipe

Our pioneering recipe set the gold standard for our range. Boasting a meat content of 29% to 44%, it incorporates grains like rice, maize, and oats.

Hypoallergenic and fortified with veterinary-grade prebiotics for optimal health.

The Evolution of Nutrition

The Grain Free Range

Second to grace our range, this recipe was crafted for dogs with grain sensitivities and allergies.

With its soaring popularity, not only does it boast a meat content of 50% freshly prepared human-grade quality, but it also allows for smaller feeding portions compared to grain-heavy diets.

With the integration of vegetables, this mix enriches your dog's meal with essential vitamins and minerals.

Nourishment Beyond the Ordinary

The Superfood Range

Our latest addition, this recipe stands out with an impressive 65% meat content, all freshly prepared to human-grade standards.

Prioritising pet health, it introduces collagen—enhancing skin hydration and boosting joint and tissue support. Our thoughtfully selected superfood fruits and vegetables, such as papaya and cranberries, not only infuse essential vitamins and minerals but also deliver unique benefits to a dog's overall health.

Notably, we've crafted this blend without peas, addressing common allergies faced by many of our furry friends.


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Tailored to meet the unique needs of dogs at different stages of life and sizes, our selection ensures your pup gets the best care they deserve.

Puppies to Seniors, We've Got It All!

All Life Stages Range

The All Life Stages range offers the perfect solution for dog owners with multiple furry family members of different ages.

Utilising exclusively premium quality Italian buffalo and beef, enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin.

Featuring our highest meat content yet means you feed less per meal, making every bite worth its weight in gold.

Invest in your dog's health and gift them a taste sensation today!


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We've customized our kibble for different breed sizes to support overall digestion.

Our larger kibble specifically encourages slower eating in larger breeds, while the smaller kibble is designed to fit smaller mouths and digestive systems, ensuring your dog gets the right size for their needs.


Tantalising Treats & Suppliments

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Brand New!

Fish Treat Range

Our brand new fish treats are fantastic for their immune system, improving joint mobility, cardiovascular health and cognitive function while promoting healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Something they'll adore...

Jerkies, Bites & More!

All of our treats are exclusively crafted from 100% meat, guaranteeing a high-quality, wholesome reward for your pooch.

Nourishment Beyond the Ordinary

Salmon Oil Suppliment

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don't just take our word for it

  • "Recommended the Angus Beef Elite"

    December 2022, we had a vizsla who would barely eat. I was used to dogs that were greedy but Vinnie was the complete opposite and it was becoming a struggle with keeping weight on him.

    Id been going to pampered pets for treats but I asked about food one day and was recommended the Angus Beef Elite… within a week Vinnie was excited for breakfast/dinner and since then (3 months on) we have managed to get him to gain 2kg which was getting desperately needed.

    I can’t thank them enough for their help/recommendations! Not to mention prior to feeding the beef elite, vinnie was wired to the moon on grains, his temperament has totally shifted, he has so much more self control when we are out and about and I put that down to the food.

  • "I am genuinely happy that he is getting the nutrition he needs."

    My lab puppy was having issues with his bowels (I genuinely think because of his food provided by the breeder). After a chat with a lovely lady in the shop, she recommended highland hounds which has made the biggest difference to his stools and I am genuinely happy that he is getting the nutrition he needs.

    Buddy loves it so much that he picked all the highland hound pieces of kibble and left the original kibble in the bowl

  • "The best available."

    Great staff in Inverness, very knowledgeable and helpful. The highland hounds food is the best available. Our 18 month old cocker spaniel loves it so much. We tried to ween him off his previous food but he just threw the old food out of the bowl.

    Tremendous product and would highly recommend it and pampered pets to anyone.

  • "Grain Free Dry Food"

    Bella had a severe case of gastric enteritis and was in the Dick Vets for a week. Her stomach was so tender when she came out and only managing rice and chicken.

    I discovered your Grain Free dry food through my sister’s dog. Bella manages it well and loves it and no gastro issues since. Hope we can get this dog food down in Edinburgh soon.


Are Products Are Also...

Created By experts and...

Veterinary Approved

Every Highland Hounds dish comes with a veterinary stamp of approval, a testament to its quality and nutritional adequacy. This endorsement ensures that our recipes are not just delicious but are also formulated to meet the highest standards of canine health.

When you choose Highland Hounds, you're choosing a brand that prioritizes the well-being of your pet, aligning taste and health in perfect harmony.

Vet approval underscores our commitment to your dog's vitality, ensuring they receive the essential nutrients for a long, happy life.

Local and sustainable

Made In the UK

Here at Highland Hounds we believe that sustainability matters.

That's why our food is made in a UK factory which:

  • Recycles over 95% of its water and waste
  • Has planted over 1000 trees to offset carbon emissions
  • Is building a wind farm and solar panels to support electricity and provide energy to the local area
  • Has installed odour abatement to promote fresh air