This Course at a glance

Course Overview

The Canine Capers Outdoor Course is structured for 8-12 pups and spans 7 weeks.

These outdoor group sessions are designed for groups of 5-6 pups, with each session lasting 70 minutes after the initial week.

Sessions take place in Dalneigh, on the field situated behind the James Cameron Community Centre

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Week 1

Introductory Sessions

For the first week, we host an informative session at Pampered Pets Therapy Room without your puppy, where we engage in a comprehensive 1½ to 2-hour discussion.

This includes understanding canine learning, interpreting dog body language and emotions, and addressing why dogs may exhibit unwanted behaviour. We also explore strategies to guide your pup into making the right choices.

Week 2-7

Session Overview

From the second class onwards, bring your pup along! Each of these classes lasts 70 minutes. We structure the sessions to include phased learning and games, interspersed with tug play sessions.

These play breaks allow your dog some leisure time to relax and enjoy, before returning to the learning tasks. The balanced mix of play and learning ensures your pup finds the training sessions enjoyable and enriching.


What Equipment Do I Need To Bring?

For each class, please bring the following essential items:

🌟 Harness (recommended over a collar for your dog’s joints)
🌟 Standard Lead (flexi-leads are not recommended for class)
🌟 Water & bowl (for outdoor classes)
🌟 Mat or flat bed
🌟 Poo Bags
🌟 Assorted treats (medium, smelly, and high value like meat or cheese)
🌟 Treat bag or pockets
🌟 Favorite Toy
🌟 Tug toy/chaser
🌟 Long-lasting chew or stuffed Kong
🌟 Towel or jacket (for wet weather)
🌟 Appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor conditions.