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Course Overview

The Puppy Power outdoor course aimed at puppies who have completed Canine Capers.

The 6-week course includes 70-minute sessions that blend positive reinforcement training with playful tug breaks, balancing learning with fun for your dog.

Ready to find out more? Scroll down for more information on how to prepare for your sessions!

getting prepared

What Equipment Do I Need To Bring?

For each class, please bring the following essential items:

🌟 Harness (recommended over a collar for your dog’s joints)
🌟 Standard Lead (flexi-leads are not recommended for class)
🌟 Water & bowl (for outdoor classes)
🌟 Mat or flat bed
🌟 Poo Bags
🌟 Assorted treats (medium, smelly, and high value like meat or cheese)
🌟 Treat bag or pockets
🌟 Favorite Toy
🌟 Tug toy/chaser
🌟 Long-lasting chew or stuffed Kong
🌟 Towel or jacket (for wet weather)
🌟 Appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor conditions.