The Highland Hounds Story

The understanding of nutritional needs for pets has greatly changed over the years. The Mackenzie family, being canine nutritionists, dreamed of developing their own brands, using the purest high-quality ingredients, offering the very best for our four legged friends.

What Makes our food different?

Let's Talk Facts

Why choose our premium pet food? Here's what sets us apart:

Gut Health Luxury: Our formula includes prebiotics to pamper your pet's digestive health. We believe in giving them nothing but the best.

Slow-Cooked Excellence: Our slow-cooking process is a masterpiece, maintaining flavours and nutrients at temperatures up to 40% cooler than our competitors. It's all about indulging your pet's taste buds.

Omega-3 Elegance: We've enriched our recipe with omega-3 fatty acids to elevate your pet's heart and brain health. It's the pinnacle of nutrition.

Opulent Meat Quality: Our high meat content boasts human-grade quality ingredients, because your pet deserves nothing less than pure luxury.


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