Chudley's - Salmon with Rice & Veg - 14kg

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Salmon with Rice & Vegetables is a nutritionally complete and balanced diet formulated for working dogs on a moderate workload. The diet contains carnitine to help sustain a dog’s performance. Salmon with Rice & Vegetables also benefits from the inclusion of a joint care package including long-chain omega 3 fatty acids for the support of mobility. Like all Chudleys diets, Salmon with Rice & Vegetables incorporates a blend of enhanced vitamins, amino acids, and trace nutrients which synergistically support a dog’s immunity, digestion, coat condition and general wellbeing. With no inclusion of wheat-gluten, soya or egg, this diet omits ingredients commonly associated to be causes of digest upset.
- Hypoallergenic diet formulated without wheat-gluten, soya or egg
- Joint care package and omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy musculoskeletal system
- Designed to help support stamina and recovery
- Prebiotics to help support gut health and immune system
- Complete unique package of nutrients to support skin and coat condition
- Contains QLC, antioxidant package
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