Flectalon Dog Jacket - 26"

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Petlife Flecta Hi-Vis Dog Jackets are designed to give maximum visibility day or night.

“By far the best designed and best made product of its type we have ever seen.” Rob Allen – Petlife Customer

• Highly reflective stripes or thread
• Pet stays warm in low temperatures
• Machine washable at 40°C
• Fully adjustable straps and fast action buckles, so easy to put on and take off
• Water resistant and lightweight
• 11 sizes

During daylight, the fluorescent yellow can be seen from considerable distances and during darkness any light will be immediately reflected from the reflective stripes on both sides. These features are hugely beneficial to responsible dog owners and also offer personal safety for the owner/walker.

Incorporated between the inner and outer layers of the Flecta Hi-Vis Dog Jacket is a layer of Flectalon® thermal insulation. Developed from NASA research into aluminised surfaces, Flectalon® can reflect up to 95% of radiated heat.

A Flecta Hi-Vis Dog Jacket is water-resistant, so your pet stays warm and dry, but it is still machine washable at 40°C maximum.

Measure from collar to base of tail.

Outer Fabric: 96% polyester, 4% PU (polyurethane coated). Inner Fabric: Polyester Microfibre. Flectalon.

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